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Slate roof installation and repair, custom copper, architectural restoration and all sheet metal roofing.
Need expert advice on your project?...check out our roofing consulting services. Located in Vermont and serving the greater New England area and beyond.

Slate Affair, Inc. specializes in artistic ornamental slate & copper fabrication, supplies, roof installation, roof repair, roof consulting and slate roof and tower restoration. We have two custom architectural sheet metal product lines available for most ornamental components. For custom fabrications or historical restoration projects, we have multiple shops with skilled artisans, up-to-date quality fabrication tools, as well as, all traditional forming tools. We are able to fabricate and/or install all parts of an architectural roof system. Our products and fabrication skills extend farther than just our roof systems. We provide many other products, such as: garden decor, cladded copper doors, copper tables and other copper furnishings, copper statues, copper vents, copper weathervanes, copper finials, copper leader boxes and leaders, ridge cresting, roof and wall vents and much more.

copper dragon sculpture - slate affair

Slate roof and slate wall pattern lay-out/designs are available with a large range of colors in  black, red, greens and purple. Most of the slate we use is from Vermont, New York, and Quebec quarries.  We spend hours in the quarries, hand -selecting slate for some of our more artistic design work. 

We offer one-of-a-kind hand crafted custom copper sculpture as well as historical copper reproduction.

Interested in purchasing this dragon sculpture? Please contact us for custom orders, consultations, or service questions. We would be happy to help.