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Slate Affair specializes in Tower Restoration, Slate Roofing & Standing Seam Roofing

Tower Restoration (historic restorations)

Slate is a monumental material in many ways and is one of the few materials in existence that are up to this task.  We work at all heights in our restoration of many different towers and other architectural elements.  With are knowledge of high tower cable rigging we are able to stage our roof projects safely, which results in getting the job done quicker.  We also have a 62 foot vertical crane basket lift to aid in our tower restoration and tower installation projects.  

tower restoration by Slate Affair, Inc. Vermonttower restoration by Slate Affair, Inc. Vermonttower restoration by Slate Affair, Inc. Vermont


Slate roofs - Decorative / Wild / Mottled / All colors / Artistic

Slate is a natural building material that adds much character and beauty. Within the large variety of shapes and colors, there is a strong connection to the natural world. Our artistic impressions are designed to bring that connection to life.

slate roof - classic example slate roof - decorative exampleslate roof - classic example

Wild Slate Roof Covering

Slate Affair Inc. specializes in wild and artistic slate roof coverings.  These artistic slate roof designs are very time consuming installations, but the finished product gives great satisfaction.  Some call these slate roof installations the king of all roofs, as they highlight a very natural flow.  This type of slate helps in softening the over-all design of your building with an organic feeling and appearance.  These wild slate roof installations not only require a skilled slate roofer, but a skilled carpenter for the installation of the framing.  We here at Slate Affair Inc have personnel to provide both.  All slates in these designs are cut at least one time, which is what gives this roof its one of a kind wild look.

wild slate roof example slate roof - artistic example wild slate roof covering example

Slate is the best roofing material out there for a variety of reasons:

Slate remains one of the most durable roofing materials in the world. We build our slate roofs to last longer than any other part of the house and we take pride in the guarantees that we make to each of our customers.

Slate is a safe roofing material and will not burn, this is especially important in comparison to asphalt, which is petroleum based and burns readily.

Slate adds equity to your property in terms of tangibles like durability and safety but also aesthetics and class.

Slate is highly attractive and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Our designs are creative and make your slate perform at its best!

View "TO TAR OR NOT TO TAR — THAT IS THE QUESTION" published in Traditional Roofing, written by Liam Tower.

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam roof construction is an extremely long lasting and low maintenance roof design. All metal work complies with the SMACNA hand book. We do on -site pan forming which means that your job will be done exactly right and on time.

On site pan forming benefits the customer in two ways:     
1. It allows us to make precise measurements and adjustments as they come up on the job.     
2. It means you can enjoy your roof sooner than if you go with a company that forms pans in a remote shop. 

We can also do cut and drop jobs if you want to do the installation. Call or email for a consultation/estimate!

standing seam roofs  by Slate Affair, Inc. Vermontstanding seam roofs  by Slate Affair, Inc. Vermontstanding seam roofs  by Slate Affair, Inc. Vermont